*Please no cell phones during class.  Ringing cell phones are extremely disruptive to the energy of the class.  Please allow yourself to be 'unplugged' while you are here.

*Class size is limited, please call ahead! 

* Purchase materials before class.

* Please work with materials purchased from Red Purl.

* Students receive a 10% discount on supplies for classes (Discount does not apply towards materials for the Sunday free classes).




**The year of 2017 is a teaching sabbatical for Red Purl.  We are still knitting for peace of mind and would like to share what is on our needles!**


Churchmouse Easy Folded Poncho
1 strand Lino + 1 strand Sparrow = a linen/silk poncho

Folded Squares Cardigan
1 strand Sparrow + all knitting = a garter cardigan


Perkins Cove
1 strand Sparrow + knitting in the round = a raglan sleeve linen pull over, top down, w/ a little texture & A-line shaping


Feather Weather
a little Aran weight + a lot of Kid Silk Haze = a stashbusting duster of a cardigan




Date & Time:  1-4pm every Friday's all spring long!   
Details:  Time set aside just for knitting.  Knitting any project, with any yarn.  This is time to finish a project, start a project or make progress with a current project.  Bring a friend, come alone, stay for a few minutes, an hour or maybe more.  This time is carved out to sit down, knit and just take a break.




1-3 lessons, 2-6 hours total

Date & Time -  we'll figure it out
Cost -  depends on the class 

Details - What is the Custom Class?  Anything you'd like. Gather at least 3 friends together, figure out what you'd like to learn and bring in your idea or multiple ideas. We'll put together a class for you based on this and figure out a time that works. Would like to learn how to knit but the Beginner's Luck schedule doesn't fit yours, let's find a time that works for you!  Would like to make mittens but not a mitten class is offered - let's create one!  Throw pillows for the home?  We can do it!  Get the's all up to you!


3 lessons, 6 hours total

Date & Time -  TBA....
Cost -  
$40 plus materials
Experience Required - 

Details -  This class will teach you the basics of knitting or if you already know how to knit, it will add skills to your knitting repertoire.  For the very, very beginner you will learn how to cast on, knit, purl (if you choose) and cast off.  Projects choices are:  1) a scarf for a quick study or infinity scarf/cowl, 2) a felted bag - which teaches pattern reading and hides all the mistakes once complete,  3) Wham Bam Thank You Lamb Cowl and/or garter stitch fingerless gloves which will teach pattern reading as well and seaming or 5) choice of blanket:  Super Easy Garter Blanket  or the Hudson Bay-esque Crib Blanket.  The emphasis is on understanding the construction of the stitch whether you are working in garter:  knit every row, or stockinette:  knit on the front, purl on the back.  Identifying twisted stitches, dropped stitches and added stitches are all a part of the learning process, whether they are yours or another students.  For the beginner who comes to the table with some knitting knowledge, we'll call you beginner II, maybe increasing, decreasing, knitting in the round and/or cabling are beckoning to you.  Here are a couples of good pattern choices to consider:  Dovetail Wrap - which is adaptable to any weight yarn, Color Tipped Scarf, Boyfriend Watch Cap or Dashing.  If what you are wanting to work on is not listed, bring your pattern in and we'll make it work!




A sweater by Elizabeth Zimmerman!  How exciting!

Socks 2 at a time using Magic Loop

something fairisle....